Onsdag 11 december 2019


Mises gurusarna
Mises gurusarna har alltid något att säga.


Vad har de nu att säga?

Det är i alla fall ingen tvekan om att de alltid har något att säga.

In his new book The Bitcoin Standard, Saifedean Ammous displays a fine understanding of money, and also a good grasp of how currencies like Bitcoin could revolutionize the government-dominated banking sector. 

Poor incentives create poor outcomes, and government subsidies for higher education institutions have created poor incentives in spades.

Austrian-school economics is value-free and is not necessarily in favor of laissez-faire. But the Austrian view of markets and market power tends to push one in the laissez-faire direction. 

The shift toward empire has brought about the destruction of American liberty and privacy here at home. That’s what the surveillance, torture, and indefinite detentions of American citizens are all about — to supposedly protect us from the dangers produced by U.S. intervention abroad.  

Thanks to a loosening of rent controls in Toronto, finding a place to live will become easier for a lot of people.  

Economic growth comes from the accumulation of real wealth — which is necessary to produce more goods and services. 

Unfortunately, some people prefer to attribute the cause of inflation not to an increase in the quantity of money but to the rise in prices. 

Income can be defined as how much one can consume without depleting capital. And it is a very important economic concept. Don't let economists tell you otherwise. 

Politicians, who claim that a week in politics is the long term, fail to see any problem. 

What makes a good a good is not the physical thing itself, but the value we find in it because it is serviceable toward some valued end.

But how do we tell how many laws are too many, and which ones are pernicious? 

Although Argentinians mean well, they cannot seem to break free of an endless loop of crises causes by expansions of the welfare state and deficit spending. 

A return to a system of 100% bank reserves is anything but radical. It would be quite conservative, prudent, and sensible.


Kontakta oss om du vill veta mer om en alternativ förmögenhetsförvaltning med upplägg skräddarsydda för din risknivå enligt modeller med låg risk framtagna av Göran Högberg och Henrik Hallenborg:

Göran Högberg

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