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Socialists or Trumpistas
USA liknar nu Sovjetunionen.

As the quality of government declines – from Jefferson and Adams… to Dubya and The Donald – the observer needs a broader sense of humor.

Where he used to titter over a bon mot… or smile wryly at a double entendre, now he can only give a hoarse laugh, like a half-wit watching The Three Stooges. For now, there’s not even a single entendre. It’s just mud wrestling and pie throwing.

The military no longer even pretends merely to defend the U.S.

Instead, it seeks “full spectrum dominance,” which can be translated as “keep sending us the money; we’ll find a use for it.”

The most important price in capitalism (the interest rate) is now largely determined – as it was in the old Soviet Union – by technocrats at the Federal Reserve.

But the same rules, at least the important ones, still apply.

Markets go boom… and then go bust. Borrow too much, and you still go broke. Governments grow old, corrupt, and incompetent.

Fantasies are always much more appealing than truth… Especially in politics. And you can spin statistics into almost any shape you want.

1. That the whole tariff war with China was just showbiz.

And that stock prices no longer have much connection to the underlying value of the business. The real winner, however, will be The Swamp, whose lawyers and lobbyists will get to do the negotiations. Instead of more-or-less free trade, we will have cronyized trade… where you may have to pay off some insider, if you want to buy or sell from overseassses  A trillion here. A trillion there. Pretty soon, you’re talking about real money. And real trouble.

Comes word that the Democrats are up to more mischief. Senator Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii) was expected to introduce a new tax bill earlier this week. The senator says his bill would tax the sale of stocks, bonds, and derivatives at a 0.1 rate.

It would apply to any transaction in the United States. The senator says his proposal would clamp down on speculation and some high-frequency trading that artificially creates more market volatility.

This is the latest of many proposals to fund what the Democrats are calling a Green New Deal – that is, to further socialize the U.S. economy.

But there are many different forms of socialism. Bernie Sanders and AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) could just as well draw inspiration from Nazi Germany or Mussolini’s Italy.

Both economies were heavily socialized. In this regard, we are especially fortunate. For there, we have not only a reliable reporter on the scene… but one of our own blood, who shares our sense of awe and amusement with the pretensions and conceits of public life… our son, Henry.

France has its “Green Deal” too, which it calls the “Great Transition.” The French feds are fully behind it… pushing an ambitious agenda, which aims to eliminate the internal combustion engine by 2050.

In 2017, they appointed a special cabinet-level officer, a Minister of Ecological and Social Transition, Nicolas Hulot. It is this goofball that we will make fun of today. For this week, he came down from the mountain with a plan worthy of a mental defective.

But Monsieur Hulot came up with an astounding 66 propositions! (Only Martin Luther outdid him, with 95 theses.)

And here, we turn to our correspondent in Paris, with further details: Yes, Dear Reader, they can always come up with more. And coming your way. More taxes. More punishments. More projects. More goony things you have to do because they want you to. They are already at the wheel in France.

In America, fighting for control of the driver’s seat. But it hardly matters; they all seem to be headed in the same direction.

As for us at the Diary, we stay away from politics. We don’t care whether they call themselves socialists or Trumpistas; we just don’t like anyone telling us what to do. 


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