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BT add-on - BULL mark in the corner?
2019-01-16 4 Inlägg Fråga BT!
arrow Hans Hello.

I use your BT add-on and see that some instruments using BT-utbrott show a little green BULL in the down right corner.

Please indicate, how I may scan the many instruments in Metastock for this indication.

Best regards




2019-01-17  Börstjänaren svarar
arrow Henrik Hallenborg Hejsan Hans,

Ej glad gubbe får vi om: Mov(C ,18 ,E )> Mov(C ,55 ,E )

En sur gubbe får vi om: Mov(C ,18 ,E )< Mov(C ,55 ,E )


2019-01-17  Fråga BT!
arrow Hans Thanks for a quick answer cool.

These scans are related to BT kanalen and select the correct instruments showing a green "happy face" in the down right hand corner, when I look for these results.

I may also scan for a red "grumpy face" and find those.

However, I am curious to know what to do in order to scan for cases related to BT Utbrott.

Here I would like to scan for a green BULL figure down in the right hand corner using Metastock Explorer and some relevant code.

Or to scan for a red BEAR figure in the same corner.

This selection (done by hand - no Metastock scan) seems to select fewer instruments  (subsets of the above mentioned scans).

But I do not know yet, if this may lead to a better result!

Please advise.

Best regards, Hans

2019-01-18  Börstjänaren svarar
arrow Henrik Hallenborg Hej Hans,

Här finner du en manual för hur man använder Metastock. Den är på 808 sidor men efter det har man lärt sig alla funktioner.

Grön tjur: H> PriceChannelHigh(20 )

Röd björn: L< PriceChannelLow(20 )

Lycka till!



2019-01-18  Fråga BT!
arrow Hans Hej Henrik!

Thanks a lot for the selection criteria as well as for the manual!

I agree that Metastock provides very many functions to choose from, so your help is much appreciated!

Fortunately I shall only need a little excerpt from the manual in order to set up an exploration with your selection criteria.

I am used to looking into and copying code from existing explorations in order to build personalised explorations.