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Vilken spännande höst det blir!

Liquidity only disguises risk; it does not resolve solvency issues driven by collapsing cash flows while costs remain elevated.

Many view "the rich" as people sitting on sacks of money doing nothing with it. The truth is capitalists use capital to produce goods and services which benefit the public.

It is sad that the contemporary American university has sunk so low from the heights of medieval Oxford, Cambridge, Paris, and Salamanca. Fortunately, private alternatives are still available.

The most important insight of the Fed's move to increase its inflation target is this: central banks don't much like to follow "rules." They make the rules.

The mother of all monetary stimuli could turn out to be worse than a dud—a catalyst to a slide into further recession just as the supply shock of pandemic recedes.

While the Left believes itself to be the friend of the downtrodden, the fact is that the Left supports policies that hinder countless Americans of all backgrounds in attaining economic success for themselves and their families.

Advocates for looting are now claiming that looting doesn't really hurt anybody but evil corporations. In truth, looting is a disaster for many families, business owners, and the neighborhoods themselves.

Just how is this magic created? The spurring of demand in the midst of a covid-created depression. The wizards at the Fed and Treasury have created an intoxicating frothy brew for stock and home buyers alike.

Far from being a tool of "exploitation," industrialization and free trade are proven strategies to bring higher standards of living to the developing world.

Another week of waning momentum, as Reserve Bank credit (i.e. the sum total of interest-bearing assets at the Fed) registered at $6.96 trillion, down $13 billion from the prior reading and the 10th straight week just below the $7 trillion mark. The three-month annualized growth rate turned negative (by 0.2%), a fitting cap to today’s market action. (negativ årlig tillväxt talar för stigande dollar och fallande börs) En slags åtstramning är det, vilket inte är egendomligt om man tänker på vad de har hållit på med innan.

Ludwig von Mises viewed sound money as a limit on government power and as "an instrument for the protection of civil liberties against despotic inroads on the part of governments."

The best way to think about tradition is to view it like capital accumulation.

Knowledge is accumulated through countless centuries of trial and error. The state seeks to destroy historical consciousness and old ways of life to secure power.

The West did not need resources from "Third World" colonies to attain economic development. In fact, colonialism was a result of the West's development, and not its cause.

Zombie companies spawned by ultralow interest rates are not merely inefficient. They truly make us poorer.

Vilken spännande höst det blir!

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