Tisdag 19 november 2019


Ireland's New Real-Estate Claptrap

Bill Bonner om rätten till ett hus.

Later that day, while we were working on our roof, Dubliners took to the streets; the masses were afoot… and getting up to mischief.

“Housing is a human right,” said the signs. Sinn Fein, the nationalist/socialist political party, has proposed that the “right to housing be enshrined in the [Irish] Constitution.”

The idea of a “right” to housing reveals the faulty plumbing of a leaky mind. In order for someone to have a right to a house, someone else would have a duty to provide it.

Who is this other person, who must be chained to his hammer and trowel so that the soft hands of a Dublin social activist can enjoy the warmth of a nice abode without paying for it? 

Yes, that is the meaning of a “right” – it is something you don’t have to bargain for. 
Bill Bonner

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