Har ni hört talas om det?

The virus hysterics aren't really listening to what you're saying.

No matter how much you point out the devastating wreckage and the massive loss of life attributable to the lockdowns, you still get their stupid narrative: "We believe in health and human life, and all you care about is the economy."

My point all along has been that human life itself is destroyed -- in millions of cases literally, as I've shown repeatedly, or at least spiritually in the inhuman lives they've asked us to lead -- by the lockdowns, and that it's cartoonishly stupid to think the issue is "health" versus "the economy."

Historical revisionism is the process of unmasking government excuses for the state's many crimes.

Twenty years ago, it looked like Chile was well on its way to joining the world's small club of developed countries. But this path looks less and less likely as Chile abandons its commitment to freedom and markets.

Hoppe’s work is more important today than ever, given the penchant of modern bureaucratic states to war, intervene, tax, regulate, debase, and generally plunder the engines of peace and civilization.

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