You own your own world!

Tänkvärt från "How I Found Freedom In An Unfree World.".

LIFE IS UNDERSTANDABLE från ”The Late” Harry Brownes bok “How I Found Freedom In An Unfree World.”


Life Is Understandable
The traps can make the world seem too big and complicated for an individual to act on his own.

And that reinforces the individual’s sense of helplessness, his feeling that his life isn’t in his own hands.

Through it all, however, the world is quite simple.

I find that when I integrate everything I see around two basic principles, it all makes perfect sense: (1) Each person seeks his own mental well-being (happiness); and (2) Everything that happens is the effect of a prior cause.

When you don’t understand a situation, it helps to stand back for a minute, think of each person involved, and ask yourself, “What is he trying to do? How does he believe he’s furthering his own well-being?”

That can make his actions much more understandable and predictable. It doesn’t matter whether his conduct is right or wrong. That’s what he’s doing.

And you’re not going to be able to re-educate him instantly.

As you view the identities of others, you make it far easier on yourself if you accept them as they are. Attempts to change others are rarely successful, and even then probably not completely satisfying.

To accept others as they are doesn’t mean you have to give in to them or put up with them. You are sovereign. You own your own world.

You can choose. In any situation, ask yourself: Is this what I want for myself? If it isn’t, you don’t have to remain there. There are millions of people out there in the world; you have a lot more to choose from than just what you see in front of you now.

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