Praxeologi och empirisk analys

I en riktigt fri marknad kan ingen någonsin få för stor makt.

”It is the praxeologist who is truly empirical because he recognizes the unique and heterogeneous nature of historical facts; it is the self-proclaimed “empiricist” who grossly violates the facts of history by attempting to reduce them to quantitative laws.” (från boken Rothbard A-Z)

Since genuine demand only comes from the supply of products, and since the government is not productive, it follows that government spending cannot truly increase demand.(Rothbard)

The pressure to politicize every aspect of academia will not spare economics, and why would it? A society willing to topple statues won't worry about pulling down a body of knowledge, especially one characterized by the Left as a political program rather than an actual social science. (Jeff Diest, Mises Inst.)

We're now seeing an economic system where both supply and demand depend on government subsidies, handouts, and monetary schemes. This isn't a market economy.(Mises-Guru)

Contrary to some attempts to portray Ludwig von Mises as a theorist who rejected radical solutions, we find in his works that Mises supported radical decentralization and widespread secession.

Makt korrumperar? I en riktigt fri marknad kan ingen någonsin få för stor makt.

Some state governors are already reversing themselves on "reopening" their economies and issuing new edicts on which businesses will be forced to close. Don't expect a "V-shaped recovery" if this keeps up.

There are some reasons to be optimistic about the future of free market money. On the other hand, the world's governments will fight true currency competition every step of the way.

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