Söndag 24 mars 2019


State of the union

Kloka ord från Per Bylund, svensk på Mises.

STATE OF THE UNION? Presidentens tal till nationen
“You do not expect insights in a state of the union.

The point is not to enlighten, but to obscure and unify. 

In the “us vs. them” both parties are on the same side.

We are neither red nor blue, we irritate both sides. 

But who has a monopoly on truth or beauty?

How about grace, dignity or intelligence?

Does either party have even a trace of those?

Our instincts tell us to take sides. But which side?

Like Groucho Marx we are deeply suspicious of any club that would have us as a member. And more suspicious of the others.” 

Per Bylund (Svensk på Mises): “Handing control over peoples lives to politicians does not somehow make an economic system any more fair or equitable. All it does is make the exercise of power more arbitrary.”

Göran Högbergs Finanskrönika varje vecka – klicka här för mer information! 

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