Lördag 21 juli 2018


Summing up Davos

Gurun med humor.

Jamie Dimon, JP Morgan Chase: “Billionaires telling millionaires how the middle class feels.” 

Den är bra! 

The former French finance minister… former partner at multinational law firm Baker McKensie… former student at the Hilton Arms School for girls in Maryland and permanent member of the international Deep State Establishment… is now head of the IMF.

Visit the Swiss citadel of globalism, elitism, and good intensions gone bad.

In the public space, there is no check on BS (bullshit)  Ms. Lagarde faces no reality check.

“To much” can be whatever she wants it to be. The BS continues forever. 

People make decisions on what to do  with their lives based on private information and personal aspirations, not public GDP BS.

From there, it is all downhill for Ms. Lagarde… from one blah blah to another BS delusion. 

How do the bunch of hacks, politicos, cronies, and jackass rich guys gathered in Davos create more opportunity? Opportunitiies are not created. They are discovered. By little guys. Outsiders who figure out how to compete with the the big guys, entrepreneurs. 

You know… the guys who were not on the Davos list. They develop new products and services . As long as the feds don´t get in their way, they hire people, they expand. 

Everyone at Davos is a big guy. Big in government. Big in business. 

They are “the large and in charge” people who dominate the public space.  And all have the same interest… preventing the little guys from disruptning their sweet deals. 

How? Regulations, tariffs, legal codes, licenses, taxes, and tests… all disguised as good intensions. 

Rather than let buyers and sellers work out their own win win deals, he´s pushing for more government interference, including win lose tariffs.  Ms. Lagarde will spend her whole career in the BS world of “public service” and sine cures.

But Mr. Mnuchin and Mr. Soros come from the world of markets  (albeit distorted by a fake money system).

They should know better.  

Markets react to public BS and the public policies, just like the press and the public itself. Ultimately, markets will throw a punch. Stocks and bonds will drop. Trillions of dollars of paper wealth will fall flat."

Göran Högbergs Finanskrönika varje vecka, klicka här för mer information! 

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